Hello Universe!

This is my first blog post and so I thought I would go big! Why say Hello World when you can say Hello Universe!

Wondering why I started this blog? Well wait no more! Here’s why:

1. Getting my thoughts in order + releasing them

As we get more and more connected to the world universe, a lot of cool, and sometimes not so cool things come to our attention whether it’s design patterns, product development processes/frameworks or useless crap.

Sometimes such things can get me thinking about them so deeply and for a long period of time that they engulf me and I can’t get out, but I do find that writing out my thoughts and sending them into the world universe is good therapy, especially when you see crappy design everyday!

Cool login screen bro…what do I now?

In order words, I need a place to rant! But if I’m going to rant, I want to be an informed ranter which leads me to my next reason…

2. Learning More + Develop Critical Thinking

I want to use this blog as a platform to challenge myself to learn more on issues I’m critiquing/reviewing or providing commentary, helping me enhance my critical thinking skills. What are the real reasons why Product A so kickass but Product B is so mehh? Critical thinking can only make me a better Product Manager and a human!

As well, this will give me an opportunity to stop reading every article on the Internet and start thinking for myself!

3. Develop my Brand

Heh, the true reason came in at #3, not bad eh?

At the end of the day, I’m the President, the CEO/COO/CFO, etc. for the company of Irfan Ebrahim, and I have to do my damn best to put my best foot forward ever day, drive hard and bring the results. And I need a place to showcase it.

4. Become a better writer

Writing is such an important skill especially since we now live in the world of Instant Messaging (IM) where bad grammar is accepted. I wnt 2 prevnt the world tkin lIk DIS 2 U n d futR.

I believe good writing skills make you a better communicator which make you a better speaker which makes you a better writer. It’s a beautiful feedback loop!

5. Give back to the world universe

I like to spend 40% of my day reading even when I’m on the job. I would love to read more like Warren Buffet, but alas my employer wouldn’t pay me just to read.

So instead of just taking knowledge out of the Internet, I want to give some back and hopefully inspire others to start their own blogs and publish well-made opinions and articles.

Oh and hopefully one day soon I’ll have my own cult following!

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