MVPing Myself

I’ve been thinking of starting a blog for over a year. Week after week, I would tell myself that during the upcoming weekend I would sit down, install WordPress and start typing. But I never did.

I love understanding people and the real (and sometimes ugly) reasons people think and behave the way they do. Understanding yourself (thoughts + behavior) is scary and difficult, but once you confront yourself, you get to know yourself better, and you start to truly appreciate who you are and what you are capable off.

So after confronting (or soul-searching) myself, I found out the real reasons why I was delaying creating this blog. I thought:

  1. People don’t care what I think, and
  2. I don’t know anything

Pretty grim right?

But alas, if you are reading this blog, how how did I overcome my insecurities? What magic potion did I drink that gave me this confidence?

If you really think about it, everybody has a similar insecurity about something. In the product development world, I meet tons of people who are insecure about a product idea they have: they worry and worry that they would spend all this time doing it, invest money in it, and nobody would care about it. Perhaps even worse, some might ridicule the idea and the effort – and that’s pretty harsh.

But yet some still push their fears to the side, build something and find success. So how do they get past the fear? How did I get pass my fear?

I need to start small.

How small? So small that if this idea turned out bad, I wouldn’t feel to bad and I would have my pride intact. I decided to use meeting other product people at meetups as my first MVP. If I got good feedback on my opinions, then perhaps I might have something. And that’s exactly what did for most of the summer: I participated in over 20 events and didn’t get a single “what is this guy talking about” look. Success.

Then I thought it was time my second MVP. This MVP needed to target a larger audience – the Internet. I spent the least amount of time setting up WordPress and wrote two simple articles. I promoted one article on two social networks and the other I didn’t promote. And I waited…

Alas! I got some likes and comments on Facebook and LinkedIn for the one I posted! The people like what I think!

Alas! Somebody commented on the one I didn’t post! Somebody thinks what I said was interesting enough to make a comment!

Yes, I got some validation! I’m doing something right! Onwards!

Onwards! The people want more!

Now that my second MVP was a success, I now have the motivation to write more so stay tuned for more!

If you do feel you want to do something but you are endlessly procrastinating, ask yourself why you are holding off. Keep going deeper and deeper until you find the true reason and find a way to get around it. You may need to get help from a friend or you may need to do something in a lean way. Whatever the path, bring your creation into to the world so we can all be amazed and enjoy it together!

The more we create, the better the world gets.



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