Staying Up to Date

The tech industry is changing so rapidly. Every day, hundreds of articles are being written about trends, new technologies, new patterns, new processes and new learnings.


You could go crazy trying to keep up with everything out there!


Although I haven’t found a secret way of easily digesting the information into my brain, I have figured out how to effectively reduce the amount of time I spend looking for things to learn about.

How do I do it?

I simply outsource the curation process!

My goal is to spend zero time looking for content, and instead, spend a bit of time deciding if I want to learn about whatever the topic is on, and the remaining time actually learning.

Get others to do the work for you

This is easy, and you’re probably already doing it! Others are constantly spending time aggregating the world’s knowledge and are very excited to send it to you, so let them!

Find the mailing lists and services you think are great, sign up for them, and let them send that content to your inbox! You get the knowledge, and they get one more subscriber. It’s a win-win situation.

Here are the sources I love:

With these sources, I feel like I get above average understanding what the industry is thinking and doing. And I highly, highly recommend you subscribe to all them and judge for yourself if they are useful or not (note: I don’t get paid to say any of this!)


I bet there are other sources are there are just as valuable or even more valuable, so don’t forget to share them in the comments if you know any that I’ve missed!

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