At Hightower, we release daily. Yeah…daily!

Releasing anything shorter than weekly to me was startling, especially since all my previous tech jobs were mostly a 2-week release cycle, but after a week or two, I finally overcame the shock and started to really enjoy it. Here’s what I learned so far:

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I attended a talk by Natalie Hollier back in September on Lean Product Management for Enterprises: The Art of Known Unknowns, when I saw a slide from her presentation that blew my mind.

It wasn’t that the slide had beautiful visuals or fancy transition effects, but what it had was a simplicity on how it communicated on a high level the differences between the 3 most common product development processes: Waterfall, Agile and Lean.

This image/slide was so great, I had to ask Natalie for it, and luckily she sent it to me asap!

Without further adieu, here it is…
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