An illustration picture shows the logo of car-sharing service app Uber on a smartphone next to the picture of an official German taxi sign


Uber is sweeping the world, no need for me to elaborate on that since it’s so well known, and New York City is a perfect market for Uber since most people who live in Manhattan can’t afford/don’t need a car especially since you have the benefit of having a good bus and subway transportation system, and you have thousands of taxis at your disposal in case you can’t or don’t want to take public transit.

Uber is doing so well here because it has a lot of available drivers, a very easy way to access them (couple taps on the app), and it’s cheaper than the regular, yellow taxi.

But not everybody is using Uber! They are still standing out in the cold trying to find a yellow taxi!

I constantly see people on the road exhibiting this strange behavior. It can’t be that they don’t have a smartphone, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to afford a personal, temporary driver.

So why are people not Ubering?

Here’s what I think might be¬†going on:

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